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Pathfinder - BTSBTT

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1. Deep Into That Darkness Peering... Listen!
2. The Whisper Of Ancient Rocks Listen!
3. Vita Reducta: Through The Portal Listen!
4. Pathway To The Moon Listen!
5. All The Mornings Of The World Listen!
6. The Demon Awakens Listen!
7. Undiscovered Dreams Listen!
8. The Lord Of Wolves Listen!
9. Sons Of Immortal Fire Listen!
10.Stardust Listen!
11.Dance Of Flames Listen!
12.To The Island Of Immortal Fire Listen!
13.Beyond The Space, Beyond The Time Listen!
14.What If... Listen!

Pathfinder Symphonic Power Metal Polska

How Pathfinder Formed

  • Check your element!

  • Water

  • Air

  • Earth

  • Fire

Pathfinder found his fifth element... Of course this is metal. Metal as the music, like water, earth, air and fire will be accompany him till the end... or till the beginning, cause we still don't know what the death exactly is. You can check what is your element by clicking on the round picture above.

Pathfinder was formed in 2006 by Arkadiusz E. Ruth and Karol Mania.
Both musicians, inspired by the works of classical composers such as Wagner, Beethoven, Dvorak and Tchaikovsky decided to create something new - music that will fulfill them artistically and mentally, but also one that will trigger positive emotions, and yet allow our minds drift in another dimension, a land filled with magic, colors and mystery to what unfathomable and unexplored ...
... they decided to reveal dreams through the music.

The key is the music, and a tool metal, symphony and fantasy …
Lyricism is only a supplement ... a complement for those who wish to fully comply with thoughts and fantasies of the author.

Pathfinder Power Metal Poland Official Website

Pathfinder - Fifth Element

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1. Ventus Ignis Terra Aqua Listen!
2. Fifth Element Listen!
3. Ready To Die Between Stars Listen!
4. The Day When I Turn Back Time Listen!
5. Chronokinesis Listen!
6. March To The Darkest Horizon Listen!
7. Yin Yang Listen!
8. Elemental Power Listen!
9. Ad Futuram Rei Memoriam Listen!
10. When The Sunrise Breaks The Darkness Listen!
11. Vita Listen!

12. Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea Listen!
Les Mondes Engloutis Listen!

Pathfinder Symphonic Power Metal Polska

All aboutPATHFINDERand band members.

Primal Alley


Primal Alley is the newest Earth element in Pathfinder. Officially he joined the band in of Mayan Calendar. He comes from Silesia in the southern Poland, that's why he speaks strange mix of Polish and German and no one understand him. At the age of 10 he started to play the violin and after one year he made first steps in singing. He loves cats - has two at…

Karol Mania


Karol Mania comes from Greater Poland in the center of the country. He started to play guitar at 18 and is self-taught, although he educated by few years in piano and music theory in school of music. His unique style of guitar playing is supported by years of intensive practicing, fascinations of classical and movie music and ... large quantities consumed peanut butter mixed with bananas. Karol as the only…

Arkadiusz E. Ruth


Arkadiusz E. Ruth comes from West Pomerania - a beautiful land of lakes, rivers and forests in the north of Poland. As he said this region and the nature around truly inspires to compose epic and motivating music. He began piano lessons at age seven and after years of studies at age of eighteen he changed the instrument for duble bass, as a result of big influance and fascination of…



Gunsen - this one word should be enought! There is Gunsen and nothing more left to say. No body knows him and nobody likes him. If we'd dare to quote a few sentences of his biography we could say that he comes from planet called Kepler-186f and resides on Earth in Kuyavian-Pomeranian - region in Poland, where Nicolaus Copernicus comes from - one of the bravest man who change the…

Bartosz Ogrodowicz


Bartosz Ogrodowicz, same as Gunsen comes from Kuyavian-Pomeranian, so generally they are neighbors (who would like to have Gunsen as a neighbor...). He played the piano from his early age and remained faithful to black and white keys until today. Probably most calm and quiet man in Pathfinder, but... if you are sound engineer don't try to fuck with him! One his word and you will know where your place…

Kacper Stachowiak


Kacper Stachowiak lives in United Kingdom. He began his musical education at age 7 in piano class. At age of 14 he started to play drums. With passion for ancient music, he studied also renaissance lute playing and history of music. Kacper is ardent geek of all kinds new technologies and gadgets. If you think your new mobile phone, tablet or video game console is the latest miracle of technology,…
We are beyond the space, beyond the time, we are flying away...
Where the dream still meet a reality!
Metal is eternal! Like earth, fire, wind and water...
Fifth element in the space-time! Ultra power for my brain!

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