Crowdfunding campaign – launched!

Finallly we decided to launch crowdfunding campaign to finish the picture for “Fifth Element” song and do one more video for brand new revolutionary track “Pathfinder Is Strinking Back”. We are very excited about our common project and hope this kind of co-operation “Pathfinder/Fans” will be successful and give us common satisfaction – for us artists to create still new music and regular releases and for you the joy of music, complacency with opportunities to support and participate in something special, like the opportunity to play in our productions or other experiences!

We strongly believe that in these hard times of crisis for bands and generally for ambitious art, this kind of co-operation allows us to be optimistic about the future and realization in this way Pathfinder’s tours and new albums. This is our first campaign and will verify everything 🙂


Below you can take a closer look at the clothes, that we have for you in Indiegogo Campaign. You’ll find here hoodies, T-Shirts, girly, beanie and wristband. The Two-sided designs were made specifically for purposes of this campaign, so that you – as the founder – can feel honored wearing Pathfinder clothes with the inscription “Fifth Element VideoClip Funder”.

T-Shirt & Men’s Hoodie

T-ShirtPathfinder Hoodie


Girly & Women’s Hoodie

GirlyPathfinder Women Hoodie


Beanie & Wristband


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